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What your employees should know about: Bloodborne Pathogens

26 Nov 2019 1:04 PM | Emmanuel Jones

Jones Cleaning Services prioritizes the upmost safety of its employees in addition to the clients that we serve. We task our employees with following the proper protocol and procedures  to ensure we are in compliance with OSHA Standards and Best Practices. Why is this important? Let us give you a scenario:

Your employee is working at a school building where a child has gotten an adult has gotten a bloody nose that your employee is responsible for cleaning up and disposing of. As supervisors, we would assume that our custodians would follow the proper protocol. If they are not trained on it, the may not follow proper procedures. The custodian not only decides not to wear protective gloves but only uses soap and water to clean up the blood and throws the soiled paper towels in the bathrooms trashcan. Not only is your custodian putting her/himself in a position to be exposed to a bloodborne pathogen (i.e. HPV, HIV) but also placing students and teachers in a hazardous environment that frequent that bathroom. Now not only is your custodian in a position of harm, your company is in a position of liability. 

As a staff member, it is important to ensure all your staff (supervisors, managers) are trained in understanding what bloodborne pathogens are and their responsibilities in supporting their custodians by developing and maintaining practices and guidelines that meet OSHA standards. For custodians, becoming aware of the steps they need to take when cleaning bloodborne pathogens ensures they are protecting themselves at all times. We recommend the following steps are taken to ensure you are following Universal precautions:

- Ensure supplies such as latex/vinyl gloves, protective eyewear, facemask and/or gowns are readily accessible at all job sites

-Provide a handbook on site listing protocols for the cleaning up of potential bloodborne pathogens (i.e. blood, throw-up, bodily fluids) and items (needles and sharp objects) that stipulates which cleaning products/supplies will be used in each situation

-Provide resources (webinars, trainings) that allows staff and custodians to become knowledgeable of Bloodborne Pathogens

By putting these recommendations into your everyday practices, you can ensure that you are provide a safe environment for all those that don your uniform. 


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