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The Importance of the Do's to protect yourself with bloodborne pathogens

20 May 2020 12:32 PM | Randy Nunley

We live in a dirty world where you never know who is clean and who is not clean.  Bloodborne pathogens are found every where, in the health care field where records are to be kept protected, why we all must practice universal protection.  One must never assume all is bad.  Bloodborne pathogens are microorganisms and bacteria that are infectious that cause diseases in humans.  Some examples of bloodborne pathogens are HIV, Hepatitis B and C.

Employees in the health care field from doctors to the cleaners should do OSHA required training at least twice a year. I feel that it can never be stressed enough on how to prevent yourself from potentially infecting yourself from bloodborne pathogens, whether it be from direct contact or indirect contact.  

Wearing proper PPE, gloves, goggles, gown and mask should be worn at all times when it is required in the workplace.  Washing hands is also very important in cleanliness.  All staff need to reminded from time to time about the importance of a cleanliness.  Some facilities hang up posters as reminders how to properly wash your hand and a reminder on how to wear PPE.  Yes there are one out there that can not follow directions.  

Needlesticks are also a very important procedure in remembering to use safety precautions.  Needle sticks are no joke.  It is very easy to just stick the needle back on the cap....its difficult to pull needles and not pay attention and stick yourself.  Hind site is to watch how you with draw you needles.

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