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Green Cleaning For The Environment

15 Feb 2020 9:05 AM | Zakeysha Dickinson

Premier Commercial Cleaning is a small customer oriented cleaning business. Our goal is to provide the best quality cleaning services, while maintaining customers safety. By utilizing eco-friendly products we can help reduce exposure of harmful chemicals to our customers, employees and ourselves.

Unfortunately, our everyday household products pose harmful risks. These cleaning products can cause a various amount of negative adverse health reactions. Products like bleach and ammonia have commonly used in the household but contain very harmful ingredients. These products like so many others are carcinogenic, causes eye and throat irritation. It also may increase your risk for respiratory disorders. Green Products reduces these negative health risk, which is a benefit for all. 

Green cleaning is a method of cleaning using harmless cleaning products. These products reduce harmful chemicals from further polluting the environment. These products are less toxic to humans, animals and less reactive creating a clean and safe environment for all. 

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