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Implementing and Benefiting from the Green Cleaning Program

01 Jan 2020 6:29 PM | Tony Park

In more recent years in the cleaning history, the importance of implementing a green cleaning program has been highlighted to many. A green cleaning program promotes using cleaning products that are less harmful to cleaning employees, building occupants, and the environment. In Sir Speedy Cleaning Service Inc., we will be implementing a green cleaning program first by educating the employees about what the green cleaning is. We will be holding training and classes for the employees to learn about that the green cleaning is, and how we are adopting the green cleaning to the company. We will hold mandatory meetings and additional meetings, if necessary, for all employees to fully understand the benefits and why we are implementing the green cleaning.

The widely known benefits of the green cleaning is less harmful nature of green cleaning program and products. Many chemicals cause health issues if used improperly and over a long period of time. Some health side effects include skin irritation, cognition damage, and respiratory damage. Using the green cleaning program can help reduce the side effects that come from using chemicals while cleaning. Also, the use of the green cleaning benefits the environment by using non-toxic, biodegradable chemicals. There are much more benefits of the green cleaning that can be explored in near future. 

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