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Harmful Effects of Using Everyday Cleaning Chemicals

02 Mar 2020 7:39 AM | Tony Park

We are all aware that using everyday cleaning chemicals can be harmful to human body. But do we specifically know what's going on in human body when we use everyday cleaning chemicals for prolonged time? Not many people are aware of the consequences of chemicals in human body. Prolonged use of everyday cleaning chemicals can cause problems in the skin, respiratory system, the reproductive system, and the nervous system.

The skin serves best as the barrier to germs and other substances. It is the first line of defense to the chemicals. Therefore, it is affected first. The prolonged use of chemicals can cause irritation, rash, redness, discoloration, dermatitis, and health effects related to other systems and organs due to contamination through the skin.

As we use everyday cleaning chemicals, we inhale the chemical pollutants in the air which can cause harmful effects in the respiratory system. It can cause asbestosis, lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, fibrosis, emphysema, and decreased oxygen supply in blood. 

As the chemicals 'sip into' or get absorbed into our body system, the more dangerous it gets. When the reproductive system is affected, it can cause infertility, increased baby death and birth defects. When the nervous system is affected, it can cause depressed cognitive function overall. It can cause inability to move, loss of feeling, confusion, and decreased speech, sight, memory, muscle strength, or coordination. These issues do not arise after one use, but can develop slowly as the chemical usage are prolonged.

However, using green cleaning products can reduce the risk of getting these negative health issues. Because usage of green cleaning products risks the human risks of the exposure to the toxic chemicals. 

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