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BloodBorne Pathogens Dangers

16 Dec 2019 9:18 PM | Tyrone Johnson

Knowledge of proper handling procedures is a vital tool for working around Bloodborne Pathogens. The use of Universal precautions is not only very important but actually life saving. Blood Borne Pathogens can easily spread infections such as Hep C or HIV. Being aware of how to safely work within the standards set forth by OSHA is something all workers should be trained on.

I found this training course to be more than adequate in providing me with the general knowledge needed to not only work with but to train my workers in the proper handling of infectious materials. Knowing to handle laundry as lest as possible and knowing that sharps containers and proper disposal of hazardous materials are but a few things needed to know for all employees made getting this training worth every penny.

I feel more comfortable with not only the handling of but the proper removal of BloodBorne Pathogens after reviewing materials from this IJCSA course training.

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