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Featured member

Bloodborne Pathogen Training Saves Lives

13 Feb 2020 3:58 PM | Charles Furry

What could be 5 to 25 minutes of prep work could save someone's life. Taking a little bit of extra time and putting on proper I wear gloves and gowns and any other protective gear needed can save your life from bloodborne pathogens.

Employers must supply all proper cleaning agents and protective wear in order to prevent problems further on down the road. Employers muscle also must have a record of all situations that occur that have occurred for at least three years and also a record of what to do if anything were to happen and how to proceed with caution.

Proper disposal is key. Never crush or push trash down always use tongs and or something to pick up broken shards or glass or syringes. Never reuse Rags or gloves or any gear worn before. If you find a tear in your gloves stop what you're doing and remove those gloves properly and go wash your hands with antibacterial soap and then check for any kind of abrasions or open skin if none is there reapply your gloves and continue to work that needed


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