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Featured member

Knowledge Is Key With Green Cleaning

22 Feb 2020 10:01 AM | Charles Furry

New to the green clean idea or method, I am excited adding this into our business. be it either health, environment, or just knowledge it will help myself and my customers grow.

Knowledge is key. Being able identify which chemicals are harmful, toxic cleaning agents, compared to the eco friendly is a must. To often we apply chemicals to surfaces and not realize the effects of them. Not just on ourselves but the people around us and the environment. Green cleaning products give an overall better result on surfaces, & peoples health.

More recently businesses are being more aware of their carbon footprint. This effects everyone. Either the products they sell or use people are listening and wanting change. Changing these things will give us better air quality. Green cleaning solvents can replace those strong odors generally fond in the harmful cleaners. They are generally more pleasant and natural. 

The Bottom line for companies is price. green is inexpensive home made products can replace high priced chemical cleaners that are harmful to everyone. Vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil are just a few examples of products that work and benefit all of us by using. 

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