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The Pros and Cons Of Green Cleaning

08 Mar 2020 2:10 PM | Charles Furry

Household cleaners supplies (non green) can irritate your eyes, throat, can cause headaches, and other health issues, even as much as cancer. Many of the harmful chemicals can be found right under sinks or basements. Ammonia, and bleach are many ways harmful and widely used. Reading labels are a must. many harmful chemicals like the ones mentioned above release VOC's.

VOC's are volatile organic compounds. usually they cause respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and itchy skins etc. 

Labels are commonly misunderstood but most people. the labels on most products do not even tell you  about most of what is really is in them. Another way to look at it is the epa, of nearly three thousand top selling chemicals in the us only seven percent have a full set of toxicity information.

There are simple ways to cut down on our carbon footprint and start to go green. Trash bags. biodegradable trash bags can can breakdown and turn to compost and raw material. Also recycling as well. paper, glass, some plastics can be repurposed to become new  materials and reused for something else.

There are many benefits to switching to green cleaners and practices. 

- It will reduce chemical runoff. less toxins into the earth and hurting its surroundings

-Safety training. Less stress on the human body and improved moral 

-Reduce cleaning cost. green cleaners are safer and cheaper over the mystery chemicals on the shelf.

-The control of germs and diseases. green will kill more bacteria and make it more healthier environment 

-Reduces the exposure to toxic and dangerous chemicals

-It is known to reduce asthma attacks by effectively keeping dust and allergens at bay

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