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Safety Is Key With Mold

13 Jan 2020 4:57 PM | Charles Furry

The key is safety. I want our company and the people that we work for or with to be safe. I want us to have the knowledge and and understanding to remove mold properly and correctly. 

I want us to have the proper tools and PPEs on hand at all times. If its a small job or giant i want us to have the right things for remediation.Doubled lined bags, gloves, sealed goggles, whatever it is we need to be prepared. 

Proper knowledge and safety always. I want my fellow employees to be safe and know their safety is important as well. We have to make a plan and stick to it. If needed explain what we are doing, how we remove mold and make sure our residents feel safe once we are done  and there is no return of mold. 


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