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BloodBorne Pathogens Are A Risk To All

25 Jan 2020 3:42 PM | Deleted user

Bloodborne Pathogens can be found in almost any human body and exposure to them can occur in almost any industry setting.  Of course healthcare facility settings are typically more at risk than most other industries, however injuries and/or sickness to staff, delivery persons and other outside visitors to a facility at any business environment could put staff and especially janitorial staff at risk of exposure.  

It is especially important that supervisory, maintenance and especially janitorial maintenance staff are well trained in the proper and safe handling and clean up procedures of potential bodily fluids that might contain bloodborne pathogens and sharps that may contain the same. It is equally important that training take into consideration language barriers and that regardless of those barriers, all involved staff have a proper understanding of the dangers, risks and procedures necessary to mitigate the exposure.

Today, business' have countless liability exposures and risks and it is imperative that business owners and mangers have a training program and plan in place to reduce the liability exposure and maintain a safe and healthy workplace environment for all employees and visitors.

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