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Featured member

In IJCSA everything is a customer service!

21 Feb 2020 9:38 PM | Maria Suazo

Many people believe that customer service is an additional service, that is performed only if a client  has a problem but nothing is further from reality. For all the members of IJCSA SERVICE is present in every action and moment with client present or not.  This makes us different from all the other cleaning companies. 

When you start to work with any member from IJCSA the service starts at the door.  Examples: friendly and reliable people,  neat jobs, attention to the details. Go above and beyond what any client may require or has asked for. 

And what happens when you have a complaint? Well, we continue offering you great customer service. How? Listening to you, trying to understand the problem and addressing the situation as soon as humanly possible.

As you can understand, Customer Service is part of the culture of every member at IJCSA and you will confirm this when you work with us. GO AHEAD - ...


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