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How being green cleaning certified will benefit my company

28 Feb 2020 8:22 AM | Lisa Fields

Being IJCSA green clean certified will give my customers and I peace of mind. I will feel better about my company knowing I took that extra step to protect my customers and the environment. I wouldn’t have to worry about toxic chemicals making my employees sick. I don’t have to worry if the products I used will harm the customers children or pets. In fact I’ve saved the world a little by putting less toxicity into our planet.

                                   It will be so much fun teaching my customers the other alternatives they can use as cleaners and fresheners with natural ingredients. I may even give little lavender plants as a thank you for choosing my company. Not only will we enjoy using the green clean methods, we will make homes and businesses colorful and fresh using Potpourri we make with cinnamon and orange peels. Children will enjoy seeing different green ways to refreshing and that will be great for my company. Especially if I would like to service any day cares. 

                                      I will help customers save and bring in more money being green clean certified. I can help Customers save on electricity if I suggest they use more sunlight or eco friendly bulbs that require less energy and last longer. I can help customers save on water by suggesting using toilets or sinks that require less water usage. I will recycle things like plastic containers and boxes and create other usable items. Our customers will definitely see how we’ve save them money when hiring my company for their green clean services.

                                When customers look up my cleaning company and see that I am a certified green cleaner through IJCSA. I know companies will be jumping in line to get our services because we’ve been trained by the best. They will see the certification and know that My company can save them money. People will appreciate the fact that they help recycle and contribute in a positive way to our environment by hiring my company. Everyone can relax knowing we are green clean certified and we will get the job done. 

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