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The importance of cleaning employees & staff knowing about bloodborne pathogens

12 Mar 2020 8:15 AM | Lisa Fields

                                 It’s important that cleaning employees and staff are educated about Bloodborne pathogens because they are at risk of occupational exposure. Cleaning crew and all employees should know how to protect themselves to prevent illness and possible death. Employees should know how to properly remove biohazards and be careful not to compress bags manually because of possible needle sticks. Bloodborne pathogens can also be in laundry that may contain bodily fluids and employees should even be careful cleaning up after sick children. It’s imperative that cleaning employees and staff protect themselves at all times it’s important and REQUIRED BY LAW that employers educate them. 

                               An educated cleaning employee will know to be careful where they eat, smoke, or apply lipgloss because they will be at risk of being exposed to Bloodborne Pathogens. You can get infected many ways with HIV, HBV and other diseases if you’re not following universal precautions. Use the proper absorbing solution for cleaning body fluids like blood and vomit. You’ll need powder absorbents because you don’t want to splash any bodily fluids. It’s important for employees to know how to remove contaminated laundry and putting them in color coded hazard bags that will let other employees know to handle with care or properly dispose of. 

                               All employees need to know how to handle possibly infectious areas. Employees should know how to wear, when to wear and remove PPE (Personal protective equipment). Employees should consider all body fluids potentially infectious. Cleaning Employees should know how at handle a situation if an exposure occurs. If exposed, employees should know who to notify and what symptoms to look for.  Your employer should help protect you by giving you proper training and getting you a hepatitis B vaccine after training. An educated staff is a safer workplace. 

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