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Implementing a Mold Remediation Plan for your Company

15 Feb 2020 10:30 AM | Alfred` Trippeter

Trippeter Property Services will implement the following Mold remediation methods by ensuring all technicians and managers are properly trained on customer service, safety precautions, proper remediation methods. 

Prior to addressing mold special focus will be taken to assess customers concerns as well as inspect affected areas to determine the scope of work as best possible. Customers will be asked some of the following questions and inspectors should look out for and be able to answer these questions as well:

  • Do you have or notice any odors?
  • Is anyone reporting health problems in the location?
  • Has there been any recent changes to the building or damage?
  • Are you aware of any leaks or standing water?
  • If there is a wet area, how long has it been wet? 
  • What is the sqft of the area affected?
  • What type of material is affected? (i.e. Drywall, insulation, carpet, air ducts, etc.)
Following the onsite inspection, a mold remediation manager will be assigned depending on the size of the damage. All employees will use the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) designated for the job. Based on the size and type of damage, the method of remediation will be determined and used. All methods used will be aligned with agreed upon standards and steps outlined by the IJCSA, EPA, IICRC, and OSHA.


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