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Featured member

Importance Of Knowing The Hazards Of What You Are Actually Cleaning.

01 Apr 2020 8:23 PM | Jason Babb

     Pathogens from the Greek word ‘pathos’ means disease causing. As the world braces for the next great pandemic our job as sanitation engineers becomes more complicated and even more in demand. New pathogens pose threats that traditional cleaners can’t treat. 

     Working in an environment of potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens is not just limited to hospitals and nursing homes anymore. Employers have the responsibility to provide a safe work environment but with increased awareness about exposure, you have a responsibility to yourself as an owner to protect your company. Knowing and understanding your cleaning environment is first. Providing proper solvents to neutralized pathogen is next. Spores can’t be sanitized with traditional solvents. Then with increased reactivity of these advanced solvents protecting your employees becomes of even more importance. Chemical exposure to these kind of cleaning solvents is very difficult to treat and leads to loss work days and decreased productivity. 
     As the world becomes more hyper-sensitive to threats from pathogens our jobs will take on greater importance and place us on the frontline of this war. We must educate ourselves and most importantly protect ourselves.

Jason Babb

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