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COVID-19 - Bloodborne Pathogens Are So Important Right Now

27 Sep 2020 6:46 AM | Avi Genuth

The importance of cleaning staff and decon teams being properly trained in handling potentially infected body fluids is hugely important. The possibility of highly infectious pathogens being communicated to cleaning staff that are not practicing safe cleaning practices and/ or not wearing the proper PPE is very real. An educated staff on BBP procedures is the best way to avoid any exposure.

While there will always be the need to prevent against the contraction of illnesses like HIV, Hepatitis and many others, with the current COVID-19 pandemic the dangers are heightened even further. As increased demand for decontamination and medical cleaning is rapidly approaching it crucial that all cleaning staff have the proper training in how to properly protect themselves. 

Another element of proper BBP training is not just for the safety and health of the employee who is doing the cleaning itself, but also for the public at large. Properly decontaminating infected or potentially infected surfaces in both public and private settings will be a a major part of lessening the danger of the outbreak. Improperly trained and equipped cleaning staff are also potentially carriers of COVID-19 or other communicable diseases and may spread illness.  

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