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Featured member

Why cleaning healthcare facilities is so important and challenging

22 Apr 2020 10:41 AM | Jason Babb

Cleaning of a healthcare facility provide unique challenges and doing it properly requires the right education and training. Employers are required to provide the proper education and training for their employees. With that being said finding the right information to provide to employees becomes even more difficult as guidelines change and new bacteria and viruses become even more difficult to kill. 

     Healthcare settings provide a difficult setting because as bacteria and viruses are treated new resistant strains become more prevalent.  Patient in a healthcare setting are usually immunocompromised. Leading to good location for the new ‘superbugs’ to grow. 

     Having the latest information and great technique to cleaning these setting will provide the safest environment for employees and patients. So whether you are in charge of cleaning such a facility or have a family in need of care at such a facility ask if proper cleaning is being used and if not refer them to an association that provides such services as found in Janitorial Service Directory on


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