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Featured member

Importance of Bloodborne Pathogen Knowledge.

12 Apr 2020 5:35 PM | Jake Marcinkus

It is very important that all the cleaning employees are educated on bloodborne pathogens. Having knowledge of how to properly handle and take care of these potentially deadly pathogens can be a matter of life and death. Employees and staff are the first people on the scene so they having to take extreme measures to prevent the spread of the pathogen and protect their own health.

Bloodborne pathogens and OPIM's such as HPV and HIV are known to cause liver damage and even death. All employees and staff should be properly vaccinated if they know they will potentially come into contact with an infectious agent. With the cleaning staff being informed and vaccinated on these pathogens they should have no problem with properly handling the mess.

In this time especially, we need our cleaning staff's educated on the bloodborne pathogens. If there was exposure to a bloodborne pathogen in a nursing home we would need the staff to be 100 percent sure that they can handle the job. Which means they have to thoroughly inspect, clean, and discard of any contaminated objects or materials. This is why we need our cleaning staff and employees to be highly educated on these pathogens because it isn't just about our health it's about others as well.


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