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Bloodborne Pathogens & Global Pandemics - COVID 19

02 Jul 2020 2:51 PM | Deleted user

 Currently we are dealing with a Global Pandemic: COVID-19. Now more than ever it is important to have an understanding of what a virus is and how it is transmitted. Social Distancing promotes in containment. This being said it will not prevent the spread of the virus.

 We as employers and cleaning technicians will likely be exposed to this virus at some point. Whether it be in passing on the street or in full Haz Mat Gear, we still need to be cognizant of our responsibilities. 

 Remember simple hygiene; wash your hands with soap, use a paper towel to open doors, keep your hands out of your mouth and for Godsake's don't cough or sneeze in someone's space.If you are exposed without PPE; self quarantine, monitor your health for symptoms, follow the Social Distancing Rules and don't panic. You/ we will survive.

Learn More About Bloodborne Pathogens Here


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