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Bloodborne Pathogens & The Global Pandemic

07 Oct 2021 6:56 AM | Deleted user

Working in the cleaning field, whether it be a hospital, healthcare setting, residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, or janitorial services, We are exposed to many potentially harmful bacteria, viruses, and possibly bloodborne pathogens every single time we clean. Knowing where these potential dangerous exposures are, and how to handle and clean them accordingly as to minimize risk of exposure, is imperative to assuring our health and safety, as well as others.

As cleaning professionals, it is our duty to not only clean, shine, and tidy, but also to safely minimize risk of exposure, disinfecting all surfaces, and to do so in a way that will not harm ourselves or others who work with us, as well as others who work in these areas that we clean.

Being aware of the potential hazards of bloodborne pathogens has always been incredibly important, and these days during the global pandemic, it is absolutely necessary.

We have an important, unique duty and responsibility to helping to protect ourselves, others around us, and our families by knowing how to properly work in our field, and do so in a way that not only minimizes the risk of contamination, but to help in breaking the chain and helping to stop the spread of infections diseases of all kinds. 


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