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Featured member

The importance of doing the right thing

13 Apr 2020 2:13 PM | Carol Baptist-Clark

It is of great important to have knowledge about working with Bloodborne Pathogens. It teaches you and your employees how to be safe while working. Knowing the procedure OSHA gives you the capability of doing the work the right way.

OSHA bloodborne pathogen or infection in human blood can cause diseases in employees. The Pathogen can cause Hepatitis B(HBV) C(CHV) and immune deficiency virus (HIV) and can cause death if not treated in time.

When doing this kind of work you have to make sure you and your employees have the proper Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to work with or you can be contaminated, OSHA gives you a better insight how to prepare and protect yourself and employees from getting infected with these diseases. Very important is to remember that you and your employees must be vaccinated after initial Bloodborne Pathogen training and within 10 working days of any assignment.


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