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Importance of Training in Bloodborne Pathogens

21 Apr 2020 6:32 PM | Deleted user

       The importance of cleaning employees knowing about bloodborne pathogens can signify the difference between life and death. We have many bacteria and viruses going around and we have to take precautions so we don't get in touch with these contaminated areas and bring it into our bodies

       OSHA made some standards to prevent any working professional in pathogens environment including cleaners.The transmission can occur by getting in touch with contaminated areas and touching our mucous member in our mouth, eyes, nose and a open wound. 

      Cleaning employees must always have good habits and practices, use protective gear like latex gloves and glasses and proper respirator masks. Employees whom are aware of OSHA will help to reduce contact with people and pathogens will also making this environment safe, clean and healthier.   


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