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How you can implement medical cleaning practices in other cleaning situations

30 Jun 2020 8:39 AM | Deleted user

           When you work in a medical facility you have to follow some rules to insure the safety of people using the space. The same practices we’re using working, we can use in other areas, like if you are cleaning a supermarket or a house. Washing your hands, use disinfection Chemicals like sprays, rules of hygiene and proper clean to remain safe. This way, we can use this rules in a medical environment also for residential and commercial.
        A very harmful virus is going around now, the COVID-19, hundreds of thousands of people are dying all over the world, and we need to do our best to stop this spread, that’s what make proper cleaning so important. We have to use this knowledge out of the hospital workplace to protect our family and to help to prevent the spread and do not put anyone at risk. 

        We have strong values to protect the population of the word from virus and bacteria's, using the right universal precautions and the PPE to insure your safety and safety of everyone else we get in contact. 
        An important thing is your employees to be trained properly. Using the right cleaning techniques are important to prevent infections and keep all kind of places, commercial and residencial safe. To find a certified cleaning professionals  please visit IJCSA Janitorial Service Directory


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