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Featured member

Being Aware of Bloodborne Pathogens

02 Apr 2020 2:31 PM | Harry Stevenson

There is an old Adage that says "What you don't know can't hurt you ... "This can be very dangerous for a Custodian/Housekeeper in keeping themselves protected in the course of doing their daily duties against bloodborne pathogens and other body fluids.

As a custodian/housekeeper we must always be aware of bloodborne pathogens and how frequently we come in contact with contaminated materials and the danger of contracting many dangerous diseases like HIV,HEP a b c and many others. A custodian must always be informed about the proper PPE  and all the cleaning products they will be using in doing their daily duties.

The Custodian/Housekeeper is like a wall of protection against others being contaminated. This will only be accomplished if and when all Custodians adhere to the rule of Universal Protections and using the correct PPE! Only by working safely can we keep ourselves and others SAFE.


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