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Benefits of Having a Green Cleaning Program

31 Mar 2020 4:42 PM | DERRICK MACK

Green Cleaning Techs knows that there is a benefit to having a Green Cleaning Program that can be implemented into all residential and commercial cleaning regimes.

Traditionally, cleaning involves lots of chemicals. Whether it’s the toilet bowl cleaner you squirt around the rim, or the bleach cleaner you use to sanitize the kitchen counter tops, you’re putting all sorts of chemicals into your air and living space.  Many of them are toxic, and very few of them are safe to touch or breathe without gloves or a mask. 

Many health conscience individual’s and employers are starting to awaken to the many benefits a green cleaning protocol provides for their employees, families, as well as for their pets.  When chemicals are used in the workplace or home, they leave toxic fumes in the air contaminating the ventilation system and rakes havoc on our ecosystem. 

In addition to, residue left on floors and counter tops that can irritate the skin, eyes, nose, and throat of those in the area.  Not to mention the other all-purpose commercial and residential cleaning products that have ammonia, and ethylene glycol that can be highly poisonous to both humans and animals if swallowed.  Harmful VOCs should not be part of any cleaning regimen. 

In contrast to that of chemicals, all-natural products will have an immediate positive effect on the air, the environment, and the user.  By using biodegradable products, natural cleaners, essential oils, and other green cleaning alternative methods, there shouldn’t be any reason anyone or company should be persuaded into using harmful volatile organic compound (VOC) producing cleaning agents.  If green cleaning is the method of choice for cleaning your office or home look no further than


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