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When to Clean after Covid-19?

03 Apr 2020 7:15 AM | Derrick Spruill

Wondering when to clean your facility after one of your staff members has tested positive with the Coronavirus? It all depends on the needs of the business and the aftermath of work involved. 

The cleaning would need to take place immediately after the facility has been cleared of the population of the business. If the cleaning can not take place that same day or within 7 days, ensure no one enters the facility until cleaning has concluded. 

Having the correct cleaning team will require a company with attention to detail. Cleaning of all touch points is very much important, but after the population returns to the building, daily cleaning and sanitizing of every surface will require more time and cost more than the previous routine cleaning. If we think we can go back to how things were before, we are fooling ourselves. Now more than ever, we have to ensure we give more attention to the cleaning crews that help protect the employees and customers from germs and viruses.

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