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Featured member

Bloodborne Pathogens Certification

19 Apr 2020 5:18 PM | Ashley Ramsey

It is imperative that cleaning employees and staff who are around or can come into contact with blood borne pathogens be fully trained to OSHA standards and are knowledgeable on bloodborne pathogens. This will better assist staff in knowing what bloodborne pathogens they may come into contact with, how to dispose of them and how to protect them selves in such environments. Knowledge of Bloodborne pathogens and how to dispose of them are vital for employee health and safety. Proper training is necessary to keep employees safe and train them how to properly remove, clean and disinfect against such pathogens 

Having Safety and Exposure Control plans in place helps keep the employee and staff safe in the event of exposure and allows them to know proper procedures and guidelines to allow them to get the proper treatment they may need. Knowledge of proper exposure control is key to implementing and utilizing these plans in the work place and help make for a safer and healthier environment for all staff. Making sure all employees are informed of pathogens and properly vaccinated is key to protecting your employees health and safety. 

As a professional cleaner you are exposed to many bloodborne pathogens in every day work. The risk is always great working in such environments that handle hazardous and infectious material. Proper training as mentioned above and having knowledgeable staff will help create a healthy and safe environment while maintaining reduced risk of exposure and proper disinfection and waste removal. 


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