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Featured member

Customer Service: Company Lifeline

03 Apr 2020 5:20 PM | Elizabeth Ruiz

Customer service is the vitality line of any small business! When you hear customers or client some think revenue, some think opportunity, others think what a problem. Customers are our ability to provide a greater service with integrity and outstanding pride. Customer service is the lifeline of our company.

When you pay for a service and receive outstanding service your ecstatic to tell everyone and when you don't well your just excited to tell everyone. Satisfaction is expected but sometime the under deliver has been delivered. Those are the moments that businesses have the opportunity to shine! When faced with adversity you have two options run and hide, or stay and revive. Revitalizing the customer and maintaining great relationships is what the key to success looks like. Treating every customer like your most respected elder and delivering that experience to make sure they turn that experience to a profitable one! Not just financial.

Customer service is your businesses lifeline!  IJCSA Members are trained to deliver memorable experience. Putting clients first, making lasting impressions, delivering outstanding service, being knowledgeable, and well informed is a small example of IJCSA model training programs. Sometimes the basics are a great reminder of how to truly succeed in business. 


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