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Featured member

Bloodborne Pathogens: Custodial Cleaning in Higher Education Environments

26 Apr 2020 10:14 AM | April Williams

On college campuses all across the United States, tens of thousands of students, faculty, staff and the public pass through buildings and grounds daily. Custodial cleaning services has a vital roll in cleaning, sanitation and disinfecting spaces daily. During employee orientation an employee should have OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen training before they enter the work environment.

Daily, in the role of a Custodial you come in contact with viruses such as; Hepatitis-B; Covid-19; HIV/AIDS and Mrsa. If possible, an employee should have Hepatitis vaccinates when a position is started in cleaning services or before. Custodians should always be able to identify a bloodborne spill and if they require assistance for clean-up. An employee should always notify a supervisor and  wear PPE when cleaning up Bloodborne Pathogens. Employees should always follow universal cleaning precautions. 

Following OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen guidelines, keeps you as an employee safe, it limits the spread of sickness &  outbreaks in work environments and schools. By doing your job correctly you are a vital member of your companies cleaning team. Stay safe everyone. 

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