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Featured member

Customer Service Course Pt 1: Article

04 Apr 2020 10:01 PM | Shonta Duncan

Like in any other aspect of work, the success of a janitorial company lies in its ability to retain repeat clients. Repeat clients tend to not only use the business over and over again, but they are typically dedicated to referring new business to that company. This explains, among other reasons, why IJCSA companies will go the extra mile to ensure that their existing customers are treated with care, respect, empathy and professionalism.

When a cleaning business demonstrates excellent customer service, it is evidenced by its wealth and practice of professional and organized procedures for handling client matters and, of course, by happy clients! These two key features of a customer-focused business can be found in the member companies of IJCSA. IJCSA members (view IJCSA Member Directory) are trained to go beyond the ordinary and to be industry leaders in customer satisfaction.

Each IJCSA member business prioritizes its customers, knowing that without them, they have no business. Company personnel will at all times maintain eye contact with the customer, they will greet and speak with a smile, they will work internally and with the client to develop the most appropriate solution to the problem at hand, and they will always follow up with the client. If the situation calls for making a hard decision such as giving a 100% refund, they will do it, because this is what client-focused businesses do.

From the phone greetings (whether it be the office phone or a staff mobile), to the clear communication before, during and after completion of jobs, to the Manager's response in an upsetting situation- IJCSA businesses continue to set the bar very high in maintaining a happy clientele.

For a comprehensive list of client-focused janitorial companies, the best place to start is the IJCSA Member Directory.


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