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Featured member

Importance of knowing the dangers of bloodborne pathogens

27 Apr 2020 7:48 AM | Heather Macy

It is extremely important for anyone that could potentially come in contact with bloodborne pathogens to know how and when they may come in contact and what to do in the case that they do come in contact in order to contain disease and prevent the spread to themselves and others. 

Bloodborne pathogens are present anywhere that bodily fluids are present. This includes soiled laundry, restrooms, and used medical supplies. It is important to where gloves and use proper disinfectants when handling these materials and always dispose of them in proper receptacles. 

Cleaning staff should always have access to OSHA information and have proper training for the safety of themselves and others and contact management if they feel they may have had contact with bodily fluids and instruction will be given on procedures to follow. 


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