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Featured member

Importance of Knowing Bloodborne Pathogens Risk

23 Jun 2020 3:54 PM | John Delgado

The importance of our staff understanding the risk of Bloodborne Pathogens is essential. There is a huge threat of exposure when not approaching blood or other bodily fluids with a good offense. Limiting the possibility of exposure thru smart and effective techniques are essential to safety and security of the worker. 

Those Techniques include proper use of PPE and proper disposal of PPE and contaminated fluids and material. Bags need to be color codes to ensure proper communication. Also you have to follow the guidelines to remove your gloves and don and doff your PPE equipment. 

Sanitization plays a huge role from removing the risk of infection. When my company utilizes a safe, effective procedure, its creates trust with the client and creates a team of communication and trust. The less a company risks, the more it gains. Bloodborne Pathogens are a serious threat, however with this information obtained in the video and the proper approach to every contaminated situation, we will ensure accuracy and quality in every job we complete.


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