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Make Cleaning Safe For Everyone

26 Sep 2021 10:41 PM | Anonymous

Every employer as well as employee want to work in an environment that is safe for all and promotes further learning for better working conditions. It can’t be stressed enough, that a system that is in place should be adhered to for overall safety. OSHA has implemented a system that prepares anyone who will be working in bloodborne pathogen facilities with varies ways to protect themselves from the spread of these pathogenic microorganisms. When an employee is trained properly in bloodborne pathogens it helps to mitigate problems that could arise in the future. Employing better ways of dealing with potential bloodborne pathogens with employees will help to increase productivity on the job due to lack of absenteeism, when exposure occurs. The importance of staff being well trained in bloodborne pathogens will help to ensure that employees can be cared for properly in the workplace when coming into contact with these bloodborne pathogens by using their own exposure control plan.

Knowledge of bloodborne pathogens will also help employees as well as staff to be able to recognize people who may have the symptoms of hepatitis B virus, Covid, and HIV, so that they may be more in tuned with their surroundings and the people in which they are dealing with. Equally important, is being proficient in administering proper clean up of bodily fluids and spills that occur on floors, surfaces, and linen that needs to be removed from bedding of individuals that have blood borne pathogens.

The universal system that has been adopted by OSHA also helps those who have not been fully acclimated to the ways of dealing with bloodborne pathogens to be able to know what to do when certain color receptacles and labels are present.  Overall, having well trained employees and staff in bloodborne pathogens allows for our clients to rest more easily with the assurance that OSHA trained cleaners are on the job.


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