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Knowledge of Bloodborne Pathogens

27 May 2020 5:08 AM | Gregory Thomas

      The procedures and understanding its importance when handling bloodborne pathogens are imperative. For the safety of the staff and everyone in contact with the responder after the potentially effected area is contained. In many emergency situations, the basic procedures has proven to work. But often time venturing away from the procedure can be costly. This is why it is crucial to understand the importance of procedures and following the guidelines, beginning with PPE.

      Personal Protective Equipment is the first line of defense for the staff. Clear concise knowledge of proper equipment and its use, decreases the chance of the responder being exposed to the potentially effected area. Knowledge of proper disinfectant use, coupled with proper disposal of all PPE involved can be a life saver. When bloodborne pathogens are involved, the staff must respect and rely on the effectiveness of the procedure, reliability of PPE and be aware of the knowledge of bloodborne pathogens. Knowledge of what you're dealing with is the first remedy for a positive outcome.

      Knowledge of bloodborne pathogens is extremely important for janitorial staff or anyone who's faced with possible exposure. Precautionary measures or reactive safety procedures are rooted in the know. The knowledge will equip the cleaning staff with the ability to protect themselves from being infected with a potentially life threatening disease, while aiding in the support of others in the same manner. This creates the advantage of a progressively safe situation. The wisdom of how to handle the situation is what will guarantee a productive outcome for both the staff, parties and/or potential parties involved.


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