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The Importance of Cleaning Employees & Staff Knowing About Bloodborne Pathogens

08 Jan 2022 12:07 PM | Deleted user

Now more than ever cleaning employees and staff must be educated in the subject of bloodborne pathogens. As cleaning professionals we are responsible for the well being of our employees and customers.

The proper handling of bloodborne pathogens can greatly aid in slowing down the spread of infectious diseases such as HBV, HIV, Covid-19 among others.

As cleaning professionals we are very likely to come in contact with needles and though as service oriented individuals, our instinct is to go above and beyond it is important that we do not bend or try to recap needles and that we disposed of all reusable properly until they are processed to be re used.

Taking care of our most important asset which is our staff is extremely important. Therefore we must make sure we are providing our staff with the proper tools such as but not limited to tongs, safety glasses, gloves and masks. Employees must provide all employees that will be handling bloodborne pathogens with the Hepatitis B vaccine.

 I believe that a lot of us are part of this industry because we have a higher calling. We have a purpose and a passion to serve. The more we know about handling bloodborne pathogens the better we will be able to serve that purpose.


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