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Featured member

Featured member

Is your carpet talking to you but you are not listening?

27 May 2020 6:07 PM | Paul Duncan

Is your carpet talking to you but you are not listening? Is it protesting the stench, the stains, the dirt and the many germs hiding inside its fur and you are ignoring it? Well, if you no longer enjoying the softness, warmth, mite-free, dirt free, germ free and sweet smell of natural oils carpet, you need to call the certified members of the IJCSA to restore the estranged relationship between you and your carpet or rug. IJCSA members are professionally trained in green cleaning and in the use of biodegradable eco-friendly products. The certified team at IJCSA are customer friendly, safe, and reasonable with their pricing. You can find certified members at a location near you. Please follow this link:


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