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The Importance Of Knowledge of Cleaning Crews About BBPs

25 Sep 2020 2:25 PM | Abel García

Bloodborne pathogens are invisible to the human eye, so it's easy to dismiss the threat they pose to people and become careless while handling bio-hazardous waste.  

It is extremely important for every cleaning crew member to know about the bloodborne pathogens, controls and precautions, such as signs and labels, segregation of waste, special container, PPE, and universal precautions for their own safety and for the safety of clients as well. 

As employers we need to educate our cleaning crews on the seriousness of those microorganisms and stress the importance of following the universal precautions and using personal protective equipment properly to keep themselves and people around them out of harm's way.

Every cleaning employee should receive training on BPP to acquire the necessary knowledge on how to stay safe and not to spread those microorganisms while handling bio-hazardous materials.

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