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Bloodborne Pathogens in the Work Place

06 Jun 2020 3:52 PM | Eric Nelson

Exposure to bloodborne pathogens, especially with the advent of the COVID-19 virus, is important to those in the cleaning / janitorial workforce as well as persons that perform basic cleaning activities at work.  Since bloodborne pathogens can be transmitted by a variety of bodily fluid dynamics, it’s critical that cleaning personnel stay vigilant to prevent accidental exposure. 

All cleaning personnel, whether professional or not, need to be aware of basic safety precautions where there’s a possibility of exposure to risks.  Prevention methods might include use of gloves, masks, goggles and gowns.  Hand hygiene is a major component of precautions and is simple, yet very effective in preventing the transmission of bloodborne pathogens.

Ultimately, the OSHA guidelines provide a model that is well suited to protect those persons that work in the cleaning industry.  Additionally, due to federal law, all persons that are at risk of being exposed to bloodborne pathogens require training and annual certification or re-certification.


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