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The important of cleaning employee/Staff on Bloodborne pathogens

24 Jun 2020 4:39 PM | Cassandra Anderson

The importance of cleaning empolyees is to provide a safer and clean working environment.  When handling any bloodborne pathogens such as bodily fluids like blood, vomit, or saliva.  Which will reduce the exposure to various illness that may cause death.  It's very important to follow OSHA (Occupational Safety And Health Administration) guidelines on the universal precautions to treat all bodily fluids as infectious to protect yourself and other employees, while cleaning floors, soiled linen or disposing used needles.

Wear PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) such as goggles, gloves, face masks, and gowns.  Also washing your hands for 20 seconds in warm soapy water after each usage thought the work shift while handling bloodborne pathogens.  The disposing of PPE is very importance as well as labeling red and orange waste on the proper container for biohazard materials.

It's essential that the cleaning staff be knowledgeable of bloodborne pathogens. The high risks if not properly trained and procedure to follow if exposed. Also take self precautions to prevent exposure to the nose, mouth, eyes, minor cut or wounds on the human body.   It's needless to say that the life you save maybe your own.


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