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Featured member

How Important are Janitors and Janitorial Staff to our daily lives and

26 May 2020 1:01 PM | Sheldene Millington

Historically janitors and janitorial staff have been viewed as a necessary service in our society but they have never received the respect and admiration so rightfully deserved. With the onset of COVID -19, it has become increasingly apparent to all how critical these individuals are to our health and well being.

These staff personnel are part of the essential workers on the front lines who ensure that the bathrooms are clean and deodorized, the urinals are sanitized and the lunch/break rooms are clean. These are the ones in the hospitals and the nursing homes providing critical clean up care. On a day to day basis, janitors and janitorial staff are performing their jobs in a  professional, caring and knowledgeable way. 

Janitors and janitorial staff are trained by IJCSA in cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. Staff understand their role, their importance to the community and work to ensure a safer, cleaner environment for all.  When looking for companies certified in janitorial cleaning be sure to use our janitorial directory. The link is include here for your reference. Janitorial Directory


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