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Why Hire a Cleaning Company or Person that is a certified IJCSA Residential Cleaning Specialist

06 Aug 2020 5:27 PM | Deleted user

When shopping for a house cleaner or house cleaning company, don't settle for average. Your house is your most important asset. Don't you want a house cleaning company or cleaner that is going to treat your home with the respect it deserve?

Hiring a certified IJCSA Residential Cleaning Specialist is the best way to go when searching for someone to clean your home sweet home. There are a number of certifications that IJCSA members must earn prior to becoming Residential Cleaning Specialist such as, Blood-borne Pathogens certification, the Customer Service Excellence and Chemical Hazard certification.    

So what can you expect when you hire an IJCSA Residential Cleaning Specialist? You can expect engaged companies and individuals that know how to safely clean your home, have great costumer service and have knowledge on what products they can use to safely clean your home. 

Our Residential Cleaning Specialist are not just train in the technical aspect of cleaning. We are also trained on the professional aspect and appearance so you can be sure that you are hiring a cleaning professional that will also exhibit professionalism and that you can brag about to your family and friends. 

Anyone that takes the time to complete this training is an individual who truly cares about what they do. This is the type of professional that you want working for you at your house and around all your belongings. 

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