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Featured member

Sporicidin-The Solution for our black mold nightmare

27 May 2020 1:49 AM | Gregory Pierce

It was my first investment property.  A friend had house that was left to him and had been essentially unattended for going on seven years.  He desperately needed to get out of the property and another friend and I were looking to make use of some extra time we had.  Our first walk through of the house to do a general inspection and what do we see in the garage?  Black mold climbing the walls and all over items that had obviously water damaged.

Knowing we had to first properly clean up this mess, we made sure we had a good stock of gloves, safety googles and clean air filters for our respirators.  While I had cleaned some minor bathroom mold at home this was a different beast.  We did our homework and came across Sporicidin (information here).  Well let me say, this worked wonders!  After cleaning the garage thoroughly, we were able to work safely in the house for the next several months.  The remodel took much longer and much more money than we had ever expected.  In learning about black mold, I knew that if we didn't get it all done properly, we'd end up having it return which just couldn't happen.  Well, five years later and one very good and happy tenant-I/we've never seen mold again.  If you could have been there day one, you'd cringe just as I do sometimes before I go in.

As we move to open a mold remediation department, this will be a staple in our chemical inventory.  Don't clean up mold without it!  You'll thank me later!


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