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Featured member

Hiring a person or company

29 May 2020 1:14 PM | Carol Baptist-Clark

The key advantage of hiring a person or company is to make sure you have a specific job title, the duties are designated & facility areas for example: dusting, vacuum, mopping ect.

Whoever you choose to hire should have a job description and should be qualified in cleaning. They must also be trustworthy.

When hiring a person company you should make sure they are the right person for the job; if they are capable of accomplishing the task. The advertisement is suppose to be attractive for those who are in need of a job.

Finding a good staff that is loyal and reliable is essential. Someone who has great passion in what they do and full of ambition.

In conclusion when hiring a person or company do our best to find someone that has cleaning experience and even want to make a career out of it ot start their own company. They alread know how to get the job done and understand what hard work means.


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