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Finding a Certified Green Cleaning Service.

29 Jun 2020 6:43 PM | Alicia Johnson

Green cleaning has quickly become the new way to clean, however not all cleaning companies are created equal. Not all companies have reputable certifications, and use Green cleaners and freshners.

To select the right company to fulfill your cleaning needs look for several Key Items.. 

Is the company IJCSA Green Cleaning Certified- does that company hold documentation to show that the proper time was taken to fulfill the service at hand.  Being certified is essential to winning bids and retaining customers. Because the certified company has went through the proper channels to obtain a wealth of knowledge they normally out performing other companies. 

Do the company use natural green ingredients?  While pleasant in odor most freshners contain phthalate, carcinogens and allergens. No one wants to breathe in artificial smells and harmful toxins. If truly green the company would offer enzyme -based solutions that use good bacteria to clean and deodorize your home or business. As well as using proper equipment like steam cleaners to clean tile floors and bathrooms with microfiber mobs heads and cloths. 

If you are looking for professional, well informed, high performing leaders in green cleaning. IJCSA has a large network of companies ready to provide services. Because of the rigorous coursework IJCSA produces top tier companies.

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