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Featured member

Carpet Cleaning Certification At IJCSA

09 Aug 2020 7:49 AM | Kenny Vanessa Monchez

I decided to take this carpet cleaning certification course since it will help my business to grow due that carpet cleaning services is one of the potentials services we are planning to start offering our our company, in the meantime I am a true believer that knowledge is power and I am truly thankful with IJCSA that is offering all of this opportunities of learning to all of the ones that care enough about their customers and their company to make some time to learn more about the cleaning industry.

Another thing that I would like to add is that this courses keep opening my eyes to all that is around us (germs, insects etc) that we are not able to see it with a naked eye but exists , so this classes are not only going to be beneficial for my customers and company , it is also helping me to be a better person and care even more about my kids and family's health. 

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