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Featured member

Bloodborne Pathogens

15 Jul 2020 7:08 PM | Herbert Simmons

Bloodborne Pathogens are microorganisms that live in the human blood, and has the potential to cause various diseases if exposed. Some of these diseases are but not  limited to, HBV Hepatitis B Virus and/or HIV Human deficiency Virus, and I'm guessing we can add COVID_19 to that list now. Gaining the proper knowledge about Bloodborne pathogens and their exposures, can be the reason someone is here tomorrow.

Working in the sports/entertainment business, these past four months has taken my job importance, from needed to mandated. I am the Event Coordinator for the cleaning department at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. A year after rewriting our cleaning protocols, the CDC are now requiring companies to write them over.

It looks like Cleaning will be the number one job for all markets leading into the reopening of the States. It is now essential for Places of business to have a cleaning criteria in place to protect against the COVID_19, so i must first educate myself on the requirements from the CDC and then transfer that information the cleaning team. Blood and fluid transfer is a very big threat in our industry and nation today, and we must work together to keep ourselves and each other safe. 


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