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Featured member

Training Is Knowledge

09 Jul 2020 4:41 PM | Ieisha Beatty

I have been so excited about my cleaning business, I have has my business for about 1 year now but also been in the cleaning business for about 4 years. This is business that I can say that I enjoy because of the people that I meet all over Houston and out of Houston. I love each and every benefit that comes with it especially passing the IJSCA Residential Cleaning Certification.

After being laid off from 3 jobs within a 2 year span, also have a daughter things got kind of scary for me. So I took the time out to do my research on how to start a business, then went into looking into different businesses. I wanted something that I was comfortable with and knowing that I am able to handle everything within that business. That is when I really looked into the cleaning business. Everyone knows how to clean something, but I wanted to take the extra step into knowing the ropes and in/out of the cleaning business.

I didn't want to start a business just for the money is something that I know I can do and succeed at it. This is a business to where I am able to meet people and let them see what a wonderful job I can do and meet their needs. I went into furthering my business and getting all the right training, certifications, and credentials needed. I signed up with IJCSA to get certified and trained with passing each certification course you will receive your Certificate. I made the right choice of taking the Residential Cleaning Certification, because I will have the knowledge of what the do's and don't of cleaning a residential home. 

After, passing the courses and receiving your certificate now you can put all your knowledge to use. You are a member of IJCSA, you are trained and certified you are going to meet some great customers and clients. The Key Advantage of a potential client hiring one of the companies from you will get Great customer service, you get a clean home and trustworthy cleaning specialist. 

All members will be happy to clean your home and make sure that you are very well taken care of. 


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