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Finding A Professional Certified Home Cleaning Service

10 Aug 2020 6:07 PM | Antonio Rios

Finding a reputable home cleaning service can be as easy as conducting a search through a trusted organization like IJCSA. There are a few key points a customer should use in order to find the right service for them.

First, Interview the housekeeping or maid serviceYour going to want to be comfortable having them in your home. Ask for a background check. This will ensure you have a trust worthy person working for you.

Ask about rates. See if the services you need are within your budget. Establish clear expectations. Be specific about your needs so that a fair price can be established. Get the house ready. This means putting away anything of value or is very fragile or easily broken if moved. 

Ask about cleaning supplies. Ask whether you have to supply anything or ask what cleaning supplies they will use and if you may be affected by any of the chemicals they use. Lastly, ask if they're green. This means they use cleaning supplies or chemicals that are safe for the environment or safe to use around children and pets.

Follow these simple steps and you are sure to find just the right cleaning service for you.  


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