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The "WHY" of the Matter: Importance of Getting Carpets and Rugs Cleaned Professionally

01 Aug 2022 12:32 PM | Christoff Neely

Your carpets and rugs in your home are an essential yet often overlooked part of your space. Most often it is abused by the constant traffic and dirt that it comes in contact with on a daily basis, but most clients are unaware of the health benefits that clean carpets can give to you.

Vacuuming your carpets regularly is a great way to clean the surface dirt on your carpets, but that is also the downside. It only cleans the surface dirt. By having your carpets professionally cleaned by the professionals at IJCSA you are assured that proper procedures and methods are taken.

IJCSA professionals rid your carpets and rugs of Allergens, dust mites and bacteria that may be present deep down in the fibers of your carpets. These can effect any person in your home with lung complications or other associated health problems. Simply put, our cleaning professionals can help your overall health and wellness. 


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